About Us

The Perfect Cadence was birthed from a loss. 

In July of 2014, we were 8 ½ months pregnant with our first daughter, Cadence Sabrina.  Our family and friends celebrated her impending arrival with not one, but two AMAZING baby showers.  We danced. We ate. We decorated onesies. It was one of the best days of our lives!

We found ourselves staring at all of the gifts Cadence had received in awe. In that moment, we thought “there are living, breathing people in this world that don’t have as much love as our baby has and she hasn’t even gotten here!”  Our village of family and friends showered us and our baby with so much love. We could not have been more grateful and humbled. 

Less than a week later, we learned that Cadence’s heart suddenly stopped beating. 

Losing our daughter was a tremendous blow. While in the delivery room, at the cemetery, and every day since then, the one thing that continues to provide us comfort is the knowledge of how much she was loved even before she entered this world.  The memories and pictures of our shower bring us so much joy and peace, despite the confusion and pain from losing her.  Cadence was one loved baby and we know she would want other babies to feel that love and welcoming energy too!

Through The Perfect Cadence we provide celebrations for families who, for whatever reason, do not have the same village and/or resources that we have been blessed with.  We also want to support families that have experienced a loss, both at the time of their loss and when they try again to add to their family!

Please check out the rest of the website, read about our past and upcoming events, and send us a note if you'd like to connect with us.  We really want to hear from you!


Share your loss

We were and continue to be saddened to belong to the club of parents who have lost a child.  We would love to connect with you whether you need someone to talk to, pray with, or just want to share your story.  Please click here to send us a note. 

Also, if you have experienced a loss after your shower as we did and want to donate your gifts to be shared with other families in need, please let us know and we are happy to collect and distribute your gifts to a family that will put them to good use.  Please note that at this time we can only collect from addresses in the Chicago area. 

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